Hosted Applications

Fully managed hosting solutions for the highest levels of performance and uptime

What We Deliver

Hosted Applications and Desktops give you the same functionality as software installed on your computer or a full and seamless desktop experience which is delivered and managed from the cloud. There is no ongoing maintenance on your part, and because it’s accessed online, your applications and desktops are available anywhere, on any device, on any platform.

Reduced Overhead

Reduce the cost of running, managing and maintaining your applications in house.

Remote Connectivity

Work from home, across multiple offices or wherever they are to help your business collaborate more efficiently without having the deal with slow VPNs.


Seamlessly increase or decrease without worrying about complicated software licences.

Increased Security

Eliminate the risk of local system corruption and welcome a host of robust cybersecurity measures.

How is Layer 7 different?


Support for virtually any device including Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS.


Completely secure environment with technologies to prevent hackers and cyber attacks.


Support for older applications that are crucial to your business and cannot be upgraded.


Layer 7 can also support any web application whether custom or commercial.


Layer 7 will strategically design the infrastructure required to support your application and your business.

Layer 7 has the solutions you need to succeed

For more details on how our support and management services can help improve your business, get in touch with our team today.